June 9, 2010    Captain, We're Sinking   Spraynard   Break The Habit   Paramedic   Vinyl  

In The Mail 09/06 - Spraynard!!!

I discovered Spraynard (http://www.spraynard.com) through a UK band called Break The Habit (http://www.myspace.com/wearebreakthehabit) through both of them touring together when Spraynard were over here a while ago. Although I didn’t make a show (which I regret very much right now) I had heard many good things about them at that point but I didn’t give them much of a chance until around 3/4 months ago when I downloaded all of their releases from their website (it’s all up there for free so no excuse for you NOT to download their stuff), stuck them on my MP3 player and everything basically started from there. Since then I have passed over a load of my hard earned cash to Spraynard in exchange for stuff like this recent purchase:

Spraynard Mail 09/06
Click on the image for a close up.

Spraynard/Captain, We’re Sinking Split 7” (Yellow /300)
Spraynard/Break The Habit Split 7” (Recycled Colour) /300
Spraynard/Break The Habit Split w/ Screen Printed Artwork (Cassette Tape)
Spraynard + VA - West Chester Nuclear Winter Compilation (Cassette Tape)
Spraynard - First Year (CD-R)

I’m not going to write a long paragraph on what style of music Spraynard play and who I would compare them to in terms of influence whilst saying what type of people I would recommend them to; all I’m going to say is they play pop punk and I would recommend them to EVERYONE! I’m not sure if it’s because they let me download all their stuff for free or the fact that they are great at communication and keeping things DIY that made me pass over a shed load of money to them but all I can say is that it was totally worth it. All I am waiting for now is their split 7” with Paramedic (http://www.paramedicgo.com) to come through and I need to order Cut & Paste on Blue (I already have it on Pink) before posting a picture of the full set up but once I have completed the collection a picture will definitely be posted!

So go download everything on Spraynard’s website whilst checking out Paramedic and Break The Habit, listen to it all and recommend them to all your friends, buy their stuff and have good times listening to them.

June 4, 2010
In the mail today: The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or Swim (White w/Red Splatter) /500 (1st US Press)

In the mail today: The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or Swim (White w/Red Splatter) /500 (1st US Press)

6:15pm    Bloc Party   Witchia Records   Record Store Day   Taking Back Sunday  

Record Store Day 2010

Record Store Day 2010 saw many releases from bands such as Black Sabbath & Metallica, Editors, The Beatles and Blur (to name but a few). Seeing that I wasn’t ever going to get to any stores to get my hands near these I started looking around for other records to purchase. This is when I heard Witchia Records were set to re-release some of their back catalogue to celebrate not only Record Store Day but 10 years of the labels existance. The Reissues included the infamous (and extremely pricey and rare) Silent Alarm, Bloc Party’s debut which I had been trying to get my hands on for quite some time. With the LP came Little Thoughts 7” and (I’m sure I was one of the very few people to get this) a 12” of Banquet Remixes.

Bloc Party

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Reissue, Black) /1000
Bloc Party - Banquet Remixes (Black) *PROMO ONLY*
Bloc Party - Little Thoughts (Black)

As I wasn’t blogging last year I thought I’d include another release which was released for RSD ‘09:

Taking Back Sunday - Carpathia

Taking Back Sunday - Carpathia (Black) (Record Store Day 2009)



So a trip to Canada and, although I searched long and hard, I didn’t find as much vinyl as I would of liked to come away with at the end. If you’re ever in Toronto then definately take a trip to Sonic Boom Records, Hits And Misses Records as well as a few others scattered around the city. I managed to pick these up:

The Geeks

The Geeks - Everytime We Fall (Green) /250
The Geeks - Whats Inside EP (Black)

I love this band to death, eventhough they’re straight edge they don’t preach about it and openly accept everyone despite them being straight edge or not. I especially love the art work at the back of Everytime We Fall:

The Geeks (Back)
Click on the image for a close up.

Seeing bands connect with fans is an amazing thing, especially in such small venues and this pictures it perfectly; it just goes to show there is a lot more coming out of Korea than Asian Extreme movies ;).

Interpol - Antics

Interpol - Antics (Black) (2nd Press)

Interpol need no introduction, they are brilliant at what they do and have released some astonishing albums with Antics being my favourite.

My Chemical Romance - I Brought...

My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (Clear Red)

MCR are a bit of a secret pleasure of mine, they write some brilliant and heart felt songs and have came out with three stunning albums with a fourth on the way. I Brought You My Bullets… is an introduction into the main influences of MCR; you hear the rawness and the obvious punk influences in this record (before the total switchover with Three Cheers…).


Death Is Not Glamorous

My two favourite releases from Norwegian Hardcore Punk 5 piece Death Is Not Glamorous and on two marvelous looking prints. This band are definately worth a check out!

Death Is Not Glamorous

Death Is Not Glamorous - Soft Clicks (Clear Purple) /300 (1st Press)
Death Is Not Glamorous - Undercurrents (Clear Pale Blue) /300 (1st Press)

3:14pm    Bridge & Tunnel   Lemuria   Vinyl  

Vinyl Collective

It’s through vinyl collecting that I discovered No Idea Records and Asian Man Records who have both produced releases from some of the greatest underground indie punk bands I know of; first off is Bridge And Tunnel.

Bridge And Tunnel Collection
Click on the image for a close up.

Bridge And Tunnel - East/West (Clear Green) /40 (2nd Press)
Bridge And Tunnel - Bridge And Tunnel (Dark Green) 5/38 (2nd Press)
Bridge And Tunnel/Young Livers Split 7” (Black) /200
Bridge And Tunnel - Loss Leaders (Tour Only 7”) (Black)

And Lemuria - Get Better:

Lemuria - Get Better

Lemuria - Get Better (White) /800 (1st Press)


Killing The Dream Collection

Now not all my collections are going to be one of every varient but I do like to have atleast 1 of every release; this is what has happened for Killing The Dream.

Killing The Dream Collection
Click on the image for a close up.

Killing The Dream - In Place Apart (Pink/Black Splatter, Preorder) /235
Killing The Dream - Fractures (White w/ Sky Blue Splatter)/700 
Killing The Dream - Killing The Dream (Clear) /600
Killing The Dream - I Rewrote It (Clear) /200

1:23pm    Hell Is For Heroes   Vinyl  

Hell Is For Heroes Collection (Complete)

Hell Is For Heroes (R.I.P) are a brilliant band from London, although they have recently separated you should still check them out! Here is their complete vinyl collection:

Hell Is For Heroes Collection
Click on the image for a close up.


Hell Is For Heroes - The Neon Handshake (Red)
Hell Is For Heroes - Transmit Disrupt (White)
Hell Is For Heroes - Transmit Disrupt (Black) Cargo Records

7” Singles

Hell Is For Heroes - You Drove Me To It (Red) 1st Press /500 
Hell Is For Heroes - You Drove Me To It (Clear) 2nd Press /500 
Hell Is For Heroes - I Can Climb Mountains (Blue) /500 
Hell Is For Heroes - Night Vision (Clear)/500 
Hell Is For Heroes - Retreat (Grey) /500 
Hell Is For Heroes - Models For The Programme (Pink) /500 
Hell Is For Heroes - Kamichi /500

1:16pm    Placebo Vinyl  

Placebo Collection (Thus Far)

Being a massive Placebo fan I have managed to get a hold of their first 4 LPs. I am not tempted to collect every release on vinyl, I done it before and due to the cost ended up selling them all off rather quickly so I kept the LPs (most listened to) and kept 1 7” (This Picture) for sentimental reasons.

Placebo - Placebo

Placebo - Placebo (Gatefold LP w/ Pic Sleeve - Black)
Virgin Records - 1996

Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing

Placebo - Without You I’m Nothing (Gatefold LP w/ Pic Sleeve - Black)
Virgin Records - 1998

Placebo - Black Market Music

Placebo - Black Market Music (Gatefold LP w/ Pic Sleeve - Black)
Virgin Records - 2000

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts (Gatefold LP w/ Pic Sleeve - Black)
Virgin Records - 2003

Placebo - This Picture

Placebo - This Picture (7” Single w/ Pic Sleeve - Black)
Virgin Records - 2003